Former Group Members


Emma Bertran

Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, The High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI)

Last known address:  Editor, Elsevier

Romain Darnajoux

Former Associate Research Scholar, The Department of Geosciences

Last known address:  Marie Curie Fellow, University of Toulouse 

Ashley Maloney

Former Postdoctoral Research Associate

Last known address:  Research Scientist, Stable Isotope Facility, University of Colorado, Boulder 

Jared Wilmoth

Former Postdoctoral Research Associate

Last known address:  Assistant Professor, Soil Science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore 

Graduate Students

Katja E. Luxem *22


Past Students

Rei Zhang ’21
Calvin Rusley ’20
Allison Lee '18
Carol Chiu '17

Lab assistants

Galen Cadley ’21
Spring 2020 Lab Assistant

Summer Interns

Gabrielle D' Arcangelo ’21 working with Jared Wilmoth

Aaron J. Nguyen ’22 working with Katja Luxem

Louison Sall ’21 working with Ashley Maloney

Ezra Zimble ’22 working with Romain Darnajoux