Romain Darnajoux

Associate Research Scholar

Title: Associate Research Scholar

Area: Biogeochemistry

Research Summary:  I started my education in France, where I studied biological and geological science. After a MSc. in chemistry, I traveled to cold French Canada where I obtained my Ph.D. in biogeochemistry, studying the importance of vanadium in boreal cyanolichens. I continued my training during a first postdoc in soil ecology by studying nitrogen acquisition in boreal forest before I started my present position as a postdoctoral fellow in the Geosciences department of Princeton University.

In the Zhang lab, I am using my multidisciplinary background and training to conduct research on the importance of nitrogenases in coastal environment and sediment. I am also continuing my research on alternative nitrogenases in boreal ecosystems with Profs. Lutzoni (Duke University) and Bellenger (Université de Sherbrooke).