Shannon Haynes

Associate Professional Specialist
The Department of Geosciences
Office Phone
M48 Guyot Hall

Title: Associate Professional Specialist

Area: Biogeochemistry

Research Summary:  Shannon is a research specialist and manager of the Zhang Lab with her primary focus being on the optimization of the lab’s stable isotope facilities for biogeochemical studies.

She is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Missouri. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the relationship between ocean circulation and climate change in the Late Cretaceous using neodymium isotopes (derived from fossilized fish teeth) as a water mass tracer. She earned her M.Sc. in Geology from the University of Missouri. During her seven years in MO, she managed the departments’ Biogeochemistry Isotope Lab and her research largely focused on the use of geochemical proxies, including stable carbon and oxygen isotopes, to make inferences about paleoclimate and paleoceanography. She received her B.S. in Geology from West Virginia University.